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Apex Legends Bonuses

When markets do become available for Apex Legends, a list of esports betting bonuses will be shown below. These bonuses will range from free bets through to deposit bonuses and welcome packages. Bonuses can be withdrawn through placing bets, however terms and conditions vary across different bookmakers. It’s recommended that players read our guide to unlocking an esports bonus before deciding on where to deposit.

Apex Legends Betting Markets

Betting markets can vary from simple match winner bets through to more complex options such as first blood and longest kill. While the betting markets for Apex Legends are not yet known, some of the markets that we expect to find can be found below.

It is likely that the betting markets for Apex Legends will develop as the game’s competitive scene progresses.

  • Match Winner
    You’re betting on the winner of the match
  • Tournament Winner
    You’re betting on the team to win the tournament
  • Most Kills
    You’re betting on the team with the most kills at the end of the match
  • Longest Kill
    You’re betting on the longest kill being over or under

Latest on Apex Legends

This new and exciting addition to the battle royale genre is just getting started. Follow the latest news on this blockbuster game!

EA Announces Changed Format For ALGS Year 4

EA has announced massive changes for Alex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 4, as the scene expands into new regions with a restructured format. The most notable changes include the introduction of a new region in China, changes to the prize pools, and qualification series for LAN events. Big Changes For ALGS Year 4 On…

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Team Liquid Shuts Down Apex Legends Division

Team Liquid announced it’s exiting the Apex Legends esports scene and disbanded its Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) roster on Thursday, December 15. As stated by the North American esports organization, Liquid decided to pull the plug on its Apex roster due to lack of support teams receive from the tournament organizers. Team Liquid Exits…

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Apex Legends Events

There have not yet been any tournaments announced for Apex Legends however that is likely to change as investment begins pouring into the competitive scene. It is expected that Apex Legends will have a league running throughout the year with matches being streamed live on